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Fave Trail: "Jones Park Loop"



Fave Trail: "Fred's Lunch/ Vail"


Marketing Director

Fave Trail: "Radio Flyer/ Vail"


For us, NAT!VE isn’t just a name; it’s a mindset. Historically, Coloradans are hunters. We uncover the next great adventure, the next best trail, driven by the insatiable desire to live life to the fullest. We seek out and enjoy the riches of the land, and care for our home so it can be appreciated for generations. The native Ute tribes were skilled warriors on horseback, thriving on the plains and mountains of Colorado. The pioneers trekked out west, leaving everything behind to look forward to a better future. The NAT!VE community shares that same adventurous, tenacious, and independent spirit. It’s in our blood.

We are mountain bikers, racers, enthusiasts…hunters. We ride and care for the trails that have inspired our passion for performance, and we have built the NAT!VE community for people who share that mindset.

When you’re a NAT!VE rider, you’re our kin. Join the hunt.

Frank & Lucy: Manitou Lake, 1998


We ride, test, and build high-quality, race worthy machines that won't break the budget for the average Privateer racer. From the selection of the components and specificity of frame geometry, everything is matched, rigorously tested and raced to deliver a balanced, efficient and sublime XC race experience. We beat the heck out of them on local trails like "Pipeline", "Captain Jack's", "Section 16", and "The Chutes" to make certain they can hold up and provide consistent performance for our passionate Privateers.

Because we are small batch, we build low volume for racers primarily and each bike is hand built to order... never rushed. We believe these machines are worth the wait.


I started riding BMX at 12 and later became a roadie during high school but in 1988 I got my first MTB...a Trek 7000.  I loved that rig and logged in tons of hard miles way before the Strava days. Living in Colorado naturally required the skill of climbing and racing came soon after. My XC race "career" was cut short by switching to DH but in recent years my interest and passion for cross country riding and racing had been reiginited. I decided I wanted to create something special for the local "clan", those weekend racers, the folks coming up the ranks, the privateers who just couldn't justify $9,000 for a bike. I wanted to build a locals choice... a "small batch" philosophy; custom ordered, custom built. We wanted to build something local, something homegrown, something that would tie a community together through the love of sport and competition. A Colorado Springs company, that reflects our culture, terrain, sense of adventure, exploration and competition that is completely...NAT!VE.

I hope you enjoy what we've built.